Micarroapp is a vehicle repair service app that lets customers find car repair shops in a fast and reliable way.


Mobile and Web application




Reactjs, React Native, Node.js, GraphQL, MongoDB

Micarroapp is an app that connects customers with car repair shops that can offer specific car fixing services to app users.

Our client’s company and target market was well defined. They requested our help formulating an innovative, automatic and efficient way of delivering their services. We helped them with structuring their value proposition in a platform that allowed them to manage their growing client base in a seamless and scalable way.

We developed three applications (a web app and two apps) to address each one of the use cases that came up during the definition of the marketplace phase of our research. Using the web application, car repair shops can define their car fixing services and costs. With one of the mobile apps, the repair shops can reach out to their clients and manage the status of their current requests.

In the other application, clients can make searches based on location, ratings or price ranges. Additionally, they can acquire services, request to drop off their car at their house or job and ask for direct customer support. On a more technical level, the application has real-time interaction, supports credit and debit card payments, a well thought-out UI and was developed using the latest technologies and web development practices.

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